Institute of Parapsychology

Welcome to the Homepage of the Institute of Parapsychology at Prixton University.

This information platform was created so that those interested can get critical information about parapsychology and frontier sciences. Some also consider paranormal phenomena to include UFOs, alternative medicine and much more. It provides information about ghosts, commuting, occultism and conjuring up spirits.


Parapsychology examines inexplicable (paranormal) phenomena such as thought transmission (telepathy), movement through thought power (telekinesis, psychokinesis), life after death (near-death experiences), UFOs (unidentified flying objects), and much more.

In our portal we get to the bottom of the phenomena ... You will also find border areas, so-called border sciences such as UFOs, ghosts, Reiki, but also pseudo-sciences such as homeopathy. You will find posts, videos, psi tests.

More Information about Parapsychology.