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Welcome to our Rating Agency

Welcome to the Prixton Rating Agency of the Prixton Church & University

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Our Rating Agency criticizes the slaughter of animals worldwide for the production of meat or leather. Even worse is the slaughter of animals in Islam and Judaism. The prixton church favors the vegan way of life.

The Prixton Rating Agency criticizes the dictatorship in countries in which politicians without legislation regulate laws and lives at the expense of the population.

Country (A-Z)RatingNote
BelgiumCCCShafts of animals allowed
CanadaCCCrobbed slaughtering
ChinaCCCno animal protection
GermanyCCCNo human rights, dictatorship (for example: europa or ceta)
Great BritainCCCShafts of animals allowed
FranceCCCAttack on the Rainbow Warrior (Greenpeace)
Atomic bomb experiment
Shafts of animals allowed
IrelandCCCShafts of animals allowed
SpainCCCShafts of animals allowed
TurkeyCCCNo human rights, dictatorship

Status of the data: December 2, 2022

Rating Codes: AAA (Very Good) to CCC (No Good)

This list will be continued

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