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The Religion of the Prixton Church & University

Welcome to our Church Online.

We are an Free Church Online around the World!.

We are a church, which unites all religions. We believe at property in humans. With our incomes support we needy ones.

We are an non-profit religious Organization. With our donations (also from the Onlineshop) we finance food supply for homeless person or hungry humans in South-America and the third world and much more besides.

You would like to create an Congregation (Church) in your Country / Language ?

Please contact us.

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Rating Agency of the Prixton Church

Our Rating Agency criticizes the slaughter of animals, dictatorship and many more. See here the Ratings of our Rating Agency.

The Prixton Church Africa in Uganda
Help Project from the Prixton Church Africa in Uganda


The Prixton Church Africa in Uganda need your Help. Charles Wadaagu from the Prixton Church Africa: "We need urgend new Schoolbooks for various Schools in Uganda."

Your Donate help the Prixton Church Africa to order new Schoolbooks for various Schools in Uganda. We plan more projects for the Future: In Uganda the Schools have no Trees and the Sun is very hot and so we will plant any Trees in various Schools.

Charles Wadaagu
Email: wadaagu (at)
You can make a Donation with: Western Union

The Prixton Church Brisbane in Australia

Help Project from the Prixton Church Brisbane in Australia

Rev. Leigh from the Prixton Church Brisbane in Australia: "Reaching out to people that are marginalised because they do not fit into what society thinks they should be, these are those living on the streets, homeless young people. Our primaryaim is to put in place a prevention programs need, to make special efforts to gain access to these young people and to understand and respond to their particular needs."

revleigh (at)

Prixton Church Uganda & Kenya

Help Project in Uganda and Kenya

I am Pastor Dan Wanyonyi, pastor of the outreach Ministry in Kenya and Uganda, Planting churches and taking Revival meetings in the Rural areas of Uganda and kenya then the entire Nations of the world. "That all May know Him" I have a mission school training church leaders and Pastors to do the work of Ministry.

Am a pastor married to one wife Esther, God has blessed us with One child Bravin,We do evangelism and church planting and we care for children whose parents died. We have a training center for the single mothers and widows in Kimilili where they come for vocational skills Any person who may have the same feeling like ours is welcome to work with us to accomplish this great commission.  [ more... ]

Pastor Dan Wanyonyi
Minister God With Us Team
+254 72505075555
p.o box 39-50200 Bungoma kenya.

Prixton Churches in the United States of America

The Prixton Church Kentucky (United States of America)

In June 2008 starts the new Prixton Church Kentucky. The Leader of the Prixton Church Kentucky os Rev. Dale W. Smallwood (see Photo): "I HAVE HELPED MANY PEOPLE"

More Information in few days...

Prixton Church Indonesia

The Prixton Church Indonesia: "Save the Rain Forrest"

In December 2008 start the new Prixton Church Indonesia. Rev. Purwadi Chandra, the Leader of the Prixton Church Indonesia: "After the help after the Tsunami- Katastrophe in December 2004 is our new project the protection of our Rain Forrect in Indonesia - We have - at the moment - the biggest Rain Forrest all over the world. But we need your help to protect it."

purwadi.chandra (at)

Prixton Church Philippines
Help Project Philippines

We are doing great in our ministry here in the Philippines and our church name is Friends of Jesus Christ. We are establishing churches in tribal community, especially those unreached areas. We help them in their living as well as their spiritual aspect.

Our Church Vision:
We are committed in reaching the Lost and equipping them to become passionate in serving God and the world.

Our Mission Statement:
To plant and establish Christ-centered and mission-oriented local churches scattered throughout the land.

We are start two new congregation this year (2010) as mandated in our Mission Statement. All of this congregation are in tribal community.

God bless.

Send Donations to:
Pastor Ojie O. Solitario
Friends of Jesus Christ
P-2 Manay, Panabo City

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